"Clementina coached me for a short while and it proved very fruitful. She was very diligent and interested in getting to understand me.

She gave me very useful tools which I could use on a daily basis. The weekly sessions and the tools helped me to take control and better work with any negative conditioning."

Michael Clohosey

Clementina was very personable and professional when conducting her session with me. I found her to be supportive towards enabling me talk through my issue, and she also went further with discussing the issues in detail. She also listened which is really important, and steered succesfuly my towards my own decision making. I came away feeling clearer about the outcome and next steps to be taken. I would recommend Clementina as a coach to anyone."

Aisha Chaudhry


I had the pleasure of working with Clementina last week . I found her to be very honest, open and empathic as a coach. She gave me excellent advice and helped me to have a better outlook on my concerns. Clementina is a superb coach. Insightful and supportive, she has a laser like focus on helping you to achieve your objectives. 5 stars out of 5. I would recommend her solid and truthful help to anyone seeking reassurance and guidance. Thank you so much for helping me on my journey Clementina. She helped me to form an action plan which is currently working well. I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Mark Constigan

My experience when i came in contact with Clementina regarding my situation.One problem Clementina was able to solve for me was that she made me to believe more in myself again and my self-esteem was revived.Specific contributions Clementina offered that impacted a change in my life and encourage me. She was a good listener and she gave me advice that resulted to solutions to my previous problem. She patiently listened to me and never judged me.Thank you so much

Maris Church

Dear Clementina,I thank you so much for this powerful session. My feedback about the session: voice, words, very well chosen, presence in what you were saying, ability to understand and offer another point of view with perspicacity. It was a revelation for my relation with my children. i already do many activities with them, bringing them many different, positive and rising experiences and emotions. Now I understand that I have to protect them, to offer them security, a comfortable place where they can grow, express, be themselves, a bubble of protection. You are really excellent.Thank you so much.

Ouly Reymond

Clementina has really helped me think through things and gain clarity around my current situation. Her friendly approach makes me feel comfortable and safe to open up. If you need a coach with patience and help you with clarity in your life. Clementia is the right one to go for.

LaTisha Sa Sa

Hi everyone, just wanted to share my thoughts and experience on having one on one meeting with Clementina Godwin. She is a great coach with vast knowledge in business and execution. She supported me in client’ concept analysis, tailored with professional conduct. Clementina insight into branding analysis is next to none and her experience in project management and personal development is exceptionally great and well executed.I recommend her to anyone still struggling with how to develop a great business mindset.Thank you and good luck in all your future endeavours.

Ewa Adeniji

My breakthrough session with Clementina was truly empowering and transformative. Clementina was straight to the point of finding the core issue. I had been struggling with something so deep and horrifying to me for almost three decades, and bringing it up in the session I thought that Clementina will turn away from it and focus on more shallow aspects of healing, but she didn’t. She went straight on dealing with it at its core and made sure at the end of the process that there truly had been a transformation for me. Then she brought the problem to a complete end, resulting in a fully empowered state for me, by using her own special gift. Clementina showed me what strength and power is and I can only wish that more people will have the blessing to experience her coaching.
With deep gratitude

Maria Yankieva

I worked with Clementina Godwin for one session, she knows what she talks about and have the knowledge to help a person grow his business and oneself as well. One session gives guidance but there are a lot more to learn from her so one session is not enough. If I would go further again with a coach it would be personally with Clementina. Thank you for your input

Christiaan Ellis

Clementina is Open, has right questions making, creative approach and supportive. She helped me a lot taking the right decision with her unique questions and techniques.

Ioana Munteanu


My experience with Clementina was a very nice one. She knows how to take a stressed person from a stressed position to a more relaxed one. She knows how to gently guide someone. She is pretty good and more analytical skills in her way. She took me from a stressed, low confidence position to a relaxed, higher confidence position.

Andreea Feher

Testimonial by Michael Anthony and family for Clementina Godwin. Hi everyone. We love to share our thoughts and experience with Clementina Godwin. She is a great coach and mentor. I and my family had been going true hard times,difficulty,and most time making Wrong decision but Having Clementina as our coche has imparted our life in generally, thing are gathering back to normal and we can now see the lights at the end of the tunnels.I would like to recommend Clementina Godwin to anyone who is having difficulty in life or trying to improve themselves in enjoying a quality life.

Michael Anthony​

Hi everyone. I would like to share my thoughts and experience with Clementina Godwin. On the 08th October 2020 I had my first zoom/consultation with Clementina and that first meeting changed my entire perspective about myself and environment. When I went into the meeting, I was battling anxiety, negative thinking, negative beliefs and a low self-esteem – I felt broken. However, after the end of our meeting, I felt excited, driven, secured and happy. Ms Godwin’s professionalism, excellent personal coaching, support and her ability to hold me accountable, completely changed how I viewed myself, which was negative and unproductive. She made me realise that I am the priority, she made me realise that my happiness and life are in my hands. I am in control of my life, plans and future. I am the captain of my ship. After that first meeting, I discovered that I have worth. I am the prize.

At the end of our meeting I went back to my notebook and I started jotting down jobs, projects and programmes I wanted to apply too. I stopped spending a lot of time on social media, because it only contributed to my anxiety, competitiveness and an unrealistic reality. Ms Clementina Godwin helped me with my anxiety, negative thinking and self-worth, through an approach of guided questions to analyse, reflect and take back my power. I am so grateful to Clementina for her time, professionalism, personal and business; coaching and mentoring. She expressed such an amazing work ethic and dedication to her work and my personal development by showing up for me and on time on both sessions we have heard. Her support encouraged and pushed me into a completely different person. I suddenly did not need validation or love from someone else. Instead I felt like, I needed me, and choose myself. In the seven days after our first sessions, I have applied for so many jobs, and mentoring programmes to ensure that I continue my journey of self-development and improvement. I have started seeing myself as a project that I have to work on every single day.

Ms Godwin exhibited excellent communication skills, vest personal and business analytical skills and knowledge. She guided me through a personally tailed self-analysis and reflection activity which shifted my mindset from anxiety, paralysis, negative thinking and low self-esteem to excitement, self-discovery, happiness and peace.

I would recommend Ms Clementina Godwin to anyone who is struggling with negative mindset, anxiety, self-development and most importantly. I would recommend Ms Godwin to someone who wants to put in the work to improve themselves and enjoy a good quality life.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Clementina Godwin for her time and guidance. And wish her the best in her future endeavours.

Gugu Ndlazi, Project Coordinator – South Africa




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